• The purchase and sale of securities upon the order given by the principal (in their own name, for the client's account)
  • Speculative activities - the purchase and sale of securities in their own name and for their own account
  • Stock market trade
  • Transfer agent services
  • Services relating to the issue of new securities
  • Sponsoring the issue

Your only duty is to open a buying order with us - the rest is in our hands: the management of trade, representation, the maintenance of your account in the form of cash or security ownership position, reporting on the balance on your cash account or your ownership position, special reports upon your request, the supervision of settlement and transfer of ownership.

Your securities purchase and sale orders will be received as quickly as possible and sent for execution to one of Croatia's stock markets, in accordance with your wishes and preferences.

Your funds are safe with us: in accordance with the Securities Market Law (Official Gazette no. 84/02), the funds of the ordering party are not a part of the balance of the brokerage house and the house cannot use them for their own needs. They can only be used for trading purposes on the capital market. The funds provided by the principal cannot be included in the bankruptcy estate or used to settle the liabilities of the brokerage house.

Index - 08.09.2021.
CROBEX 0,00 0,00%
CROBEX 0,00 0,00%
CROBEX 0,00 0,00%
CROBEX 0,00 0,00%
CROBEX 0,00 0,00%

Gainers - 08.09.2021.
VIRO 94,50 11,18%
THNK 237,00 5,80%
ULPL 62,00 5,08%
ULJN 1,09 1,87%
IKBA 1.350,00 1,50%

Losers - 08.09.2021.
KRAS 705,00 -5,37%
IGH 143,00 -4,03%
ATPL 441,00 -2,86%
VART 18,20 -2,15%
JDRN 14,70 -2,00%

Exchange rates - 12.03.2014.
EUR 7.652669
CHF 6.282979
USD 5.527787
JPY 0.053534